Code-Free SaaS Creation

Create commercial software as a service in hours - not months - With SaaSet

Commercial SaaS in a Flash!

No Coding - No Outsourcing

Simple Build Process

SaaSet projects always start with the end in mind which makes it super easy to visualise what you are aiming for.

Truly Cross Platform

Run finished projects on ANY modern web browser which means your software will run on Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome books and even android tablets and iPads.

Easy to Follow Video Tutorials

As well as providing a written manual, the members area is also loaded with tutorial videos that make learning, mastering and producing products with SaaSet is a breeze.

Complete Commercial Control

You can lock projects behind any membership system and lock them to a specific domain too. This means you can sell access to your SaaS charging a one-time fee, an ongoing subscription or experiment with the freemium model.

Look Like a Highly Trained Developer Without Any of the Technical Ability!

The biggest buzz in software and digital products these days is "SAAS" (Software as a Service).

These are software solutions that run online, usually in a web browser. The advantage being that they can be used on any modern web-enabled device including iPads, Andriod tablets, mobile phones, as well as almost any computer, PC, Mac, Linux, even Chrome books!

How It Works...

Although there is a slight learning curve, the core system uses a simple "fill in the blanks" approach and we break the development down into a few simple steps which ensures even a total novice can't go wrong.

Just five clearly defined stages build every SaaSet product.
Jargon free approach for code-less creation that ANYONE can do.
Learn at your own pace, creating cool software as you go.
Build commercial Software as a Service using only the basic features.

Simple Software Sells

As We've Proven Again and Again...

SaaSet works within a framework, that's how we're able to give non-coders a way of building powerful SAAS projects... So of course you're not going to be building the next Video Maker, Auto Responder system or Social platform...

But where SaaSet excels is in solving problems or making peoples lives easier. And people are happy to pay for solutions and an easier life.

But despite it keeping you within certain restraints it also is loaded with features that mean you can do some very clever stuff.

Some of the things that have been built so far with SaaSet include: Site builders, Landing Page Makers, Mobile Site Makers, Calculators (Weight loss tools, financial planning tools, etc). WordPress plugin branding tools, Headline creators, Chrome Extension Makers, Report writers, PLR branding tools, Sales Letter Creators, Exit Pop Up Generators, and much more.

You Decide What Your SaaS Project Outputs and How...

Although SaaSet projects work within a framework, the boundries and options you have are very wide. Here are a few of the ways you can handle what gets output by your SaaS projects...

Deliver ZIP Files

Great for site builders, Plugin branders, page makers, and lots more.

Just Display Results on Screen

Ideal for calculator type projects (calorie counters, repayment calculators, etc).

Put "ready to paste" Data onto the Clipboard

Ideal for things like pop-up generators or anything where you need to create a code snippet they can paste into their web page or WordPress site. Just generate the snippet and pop it directly to their clipboard.

Generate or Manipulate PDF Documents

Ebook creators, Report Generators, Brandable instruction guide makers, you are in complete control and can output a ready to use PDF document from a SaaSet project. (Requires Enterprise edition)

Automatically Send to a Web Host via FTP

If you're building some kind of site or page then why not send it direct to the site it is to go on? You can optionally have an ftp window pop up for the user to fill in their web hosting information.

Let the User Decide!

You can even let the user of your project decide if they want to upload files direct to their web space or download the files in a handy zip archive.

What Users Are Saying...

Choose a Plan

Cloud Hosted Projects
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Custom CSS Styling
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Post Processing
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