You Can Make In-Demand Software As A Service Without Programming...

And You Can Forget Outsourcing Too!

Builds Commercial Software as a Service Products In Minutes...

The biggest buzz in software and digital products these days is "SAAS".

That's the abbreviation for "Software As A Service".

These are software solutions that run online, usually in a web browser.  The advantage being that they can be used on any modern web-enabled device including iPads, Andriod tablets, mobile phones, as well as almost any computer, PC, Mac, Linux, even Chrome books! 

But Until Now, Unless You're a Programmer
You Were Screwed!

The problem for those of us who aren't programmers is that they only way to have products like these is to hire expensive outside coders and techies and often that can go anything but smoothly.

​But now there's a system that let's anyone create their own SAAS products that they can sell.

Software As A Service has so many benefits... For a start if you choose to charge on a subscription basis SAAS has a far higher retention ratio than traditional membership sites (and creating a SAAS project with SAASET is way less work than coming up with oodles of content).

Just think of the SAAS based things you probably subscribe to already.  Things like your auto-responder, lead page and funnel makers, click trackers, and many more.  ​

In fact you may well already be using a product that was built with SaaSet because our small core of early adopters and beta testers have been quietly creating and releasing products with it for the past few months.


Simple Software Sells as We've Proven
Again and Again...

SaaSet works within a framework, that's how we're able to give non-coders a way of building powerful SAAS projects.  So you won't be making the next Video Maker or Auto Responder system.

Where SaaSet excels is in solving problems or making peoples lives easier.  And people are happy to pay for solutions and an easier life.

But despite it keeping you within certain restraints it also is loaded with features that mean you can do some very clever stuff.

Some of the things that have been built so far with SaaSet include: Site builders, Landing Page Makers, Mobile Site Makers, Calculators (Weight loss tools, financial planning tools, etc).  WordPress plugin branding tools, Headline creators, Report writers, PLR branding tools, Sales Letter Creators, Exit Pop Up Generators, and much more.

How it Works...

All through a very easy to use "fill in the blanks" user interface.

Although there is a slight learning curve with SaaSet, the core of the system uses a fill in the blank approach and we break project creation down into a few simple stages which ensures you can't go wrong.

  • You start with the end in mind.
  • Unlike traditional software builders.Just five clearly defined stages to each project.
  • Jargon free approach for code-less creation that anyone can do.
  • Build commercial Software as a Service using only the basic features.
  • Learn at your own pace creating as you go.

Have You Ever Played a Game of Mad-Libs?
(if not, what about Cards Against Humanity?)

Mad Libs was invented in 1953 by Leonard Stern and Roger Price and is a "phrasal template word game".  

The original was published as a book in 1958 that had a short story on each page with many key words replaced with blanks.

Beneath each blank is specified a lexical or other category, such as "noun", "verb", "place", or "part of the body". 

Here is an example from the original book​ (The Original Mad Libs 1 – ISBN 0-8431-0055-9)

Which could, for example, be completed like this:

​More recently, the card game "Cards Against Humanity" has used this concept of filling in the blanks to create a party game for horrible people.

What Does Some 1958 Book And  a Nasty Card Game Have to Do With SaaSet?

If you over-simplify what SaaSet does the concept of these games is a good way to imagine it.  You take any template(s) which can be documents, web pages, etc.  And you turn them into fill in the blank templates which your user will be asked to fill in.

The difference is that SaaSet can work out some of the answers for itself and can decide others dependent on user input.  

It can also grab content/answers from the web, do certain things on a conditional basis and generate surprisingly complex results from a very simple method.

And it can fill out multiple pages/templates at once so you're not limited to one piece of output.

Cutting To The Chase...

You will be able to build SaaS products that people want to buy and you'll do it with no programming or coding.

Anyone can master the simple process behind SaaSet and our step by step tutorial videos and handy reference guide will make sure you master it in no time.

Imagine what it will be like to launch your own SaaS products. 

You'll look like an expert programmer even though our fill in a blanks approach means you won't have to write a single line of code.

Screw Experience!  We Got Training Baby!

Look I'm not going to pretend there is no learning curve at all.   But I'm not trying to appeal to the numties who are chasing unicorn poop. 

The thing is, the curve is short with this one.

You get a bunch of training videos that walk you through the entire system and will get you on the fast track to creating your own hot SaaS products.

The hardest thing about all of this is trying not to feel guilty at how easily you put together a solid SaaS product that people are throwing money at you to get access to!

You Decide What Your SaaS Project Outputs and How...

Although SaaSet projects work within a framework, the boundries and options you have are very wide.  Here are a few of the ways you can handle what gets output by your SaaS projects...

  • Have SaaS projects that deliver a zip file.
    Great for site builders, Plugin branders and lot's more. 
  • Just display results on screen...
    Ideal for calculator type projects (calorie counters, repayment calculators, etc).
  • Put "ready to paste" data onto the Clipboard.
    Ideal for things like pop-up generators or anything where you need to create a code snippet they can paste into their web page or WordPress site.  Just generate the snippet and pop it directly to their clipboard.
  • Generate or Manipulate PDF documents.
    Ebook creators, Report Generators, Brandable instruction guide makers, you are in complete control and can output a ready to use PDF document from a SaaSet project.
  • Automatically Send to a Web Host via ftp.
    If you're building some kind of site or page then why not send it direct to the site it is to go on?  You can optionally have an ftp window pop up for the user to fill in their web hosting information.
  • Let the user decide!
    You can even let the user of your project decide if they want to upload files direct to their web space or download the files in a handy zip archive.

Here is... SAASET

If you want to start offering SaaS solutions in your marketplace but don't want to learn to write code and don't fancy the battle of messing with outsourcers then SaaSet is a dream come true. 

While you have to work within a (very flexible) framework, SaaSet still creates smoking hot SaaS products that people want to buy.

And creating projects with SaaSet couldn't be easier...​

  1.  Start With the End in Mind: With SaaSet you design the output first.  This is what makes it so simple.  Once you know the output you want you work backwards!  Put "Tags" (placeholders) in your template and load it into SaaSet.

    SaaSet imports those placeholders for you and you tell it what each is for!
  2. Choose a Logical Order for your users: You decide the order it asks things and how it asks them.  Make your projects work the way you want them to... The way that suits your customers the best.  This means your customers will LOVE using your SaaS products.
  3.  Decide on look and feel: You have loads of control over what your project looks like and how the output is delivered.  This means you can make your project look and feel like the site it's going to be incorporated into.  
  4.   So Easy: The hardest part about using SaaSet is dealing with the guilty feeling when you are selling SaaS products and considered a coding guru when you didn't have to craft a single line of code!

What People Are Saying About SaaSet

John Doe UI/UX Designer

Saaset is an outstanding product..."

"Saaset is quite simply the best software creation tool I've ever used. And I've used a number in the past decade! Saaset is extremely easy to use and enables you to create commercial Software As a Service (SaaS) products with NO coding.

Customers are becoming increasingly reluctant to install software on their computers and much prefer the freedom of being able to access a service online from any internet device. One thing that is really important to me as a product creator is that SaaS products save me the time and expense of dealing with 99% of customer support issues - which are those relating to installing and updating software. Desktop software requires constant updates and patches as operating systems change. Plus, if I do want to update anything, I don't need to re-create licences. The changes occur in real-time which means that customers have access to the updated versions without having to do anything.

Saaset is an outstanding product for any serious internet marketer and I can also say that the Saaset team offer outstanding customer support."

Adam Jackson

“Makes products with massive perceived value in the blink of an eye.”

“I was one of the first people to start using Saaset - I couldn't pass it by simply because of the incredible opportunity it delivers. Imagine making your own SaaS products with no coding - and really fast. It still blows me away to think about it. But the proof of the pudding is in the eating...

As soon as I got hold of Saaset I immediately put a couple of really simple products together. To date, the first one has taken $2313 in sales and the second one is up to $4206 on sales. Not bad for products created in less than 30 minutes! Thanks to Andy, I can now put different new products together that have massive perceived value in the blink of an eye.”

Barry Rodgers
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“I couldn't program software if my life depended on it, but Saaset..."

“I don't write testimonials for products very often. Why? Because I just don't find products that are worthy of them, until now.

Saaset is the best software building product I have ever used. I have barely scratched the surface of what it can do and have already put over $5k in my pocket.

I couldn't program software if my life depended on it, but Saaset helps to make my business look like a full blown software provider.

Thanks for creating this great tool Andy, it has added a ton of revenue opportunities for my business.”

David Cisneros
  • Monthly pricing
  • Or save 38% with Annual pricing


A Starter Plan for Serious Users.

Up to 20 Projects

Lock a Project to One Domain

  • Built in File Transfer
  • Cloud Hosting of Projects
  • Choice of Button Styles
  • Optional Ad Space
  • Creates friendly "wizard" style applications.
  • Turn off powered by link
  • Custom css styling
  • Spintax Processing

$29.90 / month

Billed Annually


Every Function and Feature!

Up to 100 Projects

Lock Project to Multiple Domains

Everything in the Professional Edition PLUS...

  • Spintax Processing
  • Can Remove Branding
  • Input Validation
  • Graphic Tool Tips
  • HTML to PDF conversion
  • Optional Custom css styling
  • Can Work with .docx files
  • Create Project Share Codes
  • Access Pages Function
  • Powerful Post Processing
  • Special Advanced Functions

$121.90 / mo

Billed Annually


Massive Power, Minimal Compromise.

Up to 50 Projects

Lock a Project to One Domain

Everything in the Professional Edition PLUS...

  • Spintax Processing
  • Can Remove Branding
  • Input Validation
  • Graphic Tooltips
  • HTML to PDF conversion
  • Optional Custom css styling
  • Special Advanced Functions

$59.90 / month

Billed Annually

Click here to see some of the live projects SaaSet users have launched online.

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A Few More Testimonials from SaaSet Users...

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Easy for non-coders to create Software as a Service.”

“Every product I have released online has been software based, though I have no clue about coding beyond the very basics of html.

The reason I have been able to build software is due to software creation tools which, until recently, had the disadvantage of only producing software for Windows®, meaning users of Mac, Linux, Android, etc. could not use my products.

However, with the advent of SaaSet, my software can now be used by anyone with an internet connection.  Once you understand how it works you’ll quickly start coming up with ideas for your own software.  And the best part is that you have absolute control over who gets access if you use a basic membership script to protect the page, of which there are many free ones.

Thanks Andy and team for making it easy for non coders to create professional-quality Software as a Service.”

David Taylor

“Great Success and Support...”

“I have been using SaaSet for about a year now, with great success and support. The SaaSet product allows me to create Web Based Services quickly and easily on the fly.

And the SaaSet team has been expedient with feature enhancements, and very quick and professional to answer any support questions or concerns.”

Curt Crowley
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Andy Brocklehurst
Creator of SaaSet

About the Creator

Andy Brocklehurst has been creating software solutions online since 1999.

His Software builders for Windows have helped many marketers break into the lucrative software business without having to learn how to code.

And now he brings that experience and expertise to the SaaS market.

There's Really Nothing to Decide Right Now...

Just choose a plan and I'll let you test drive it for 14 days.

This isn't some limited or restricted trial either.  You get ALL the features of the plan you choose.

Build projects, try things out, go through the tutorial videos, you can even create and launch your first SaaS project during the trial!

If at ANY time during the trial you decide SaaSet isn't for you - no biggie!  Just drop us an email or cancel the future payments directly with PayPal - your account will be closed and we'll part as friends.

If this was any fairer I'd be paying you to try it!

What You Get When You Start Your FREE Trial...

  • Full, Non-Limited, Non-Restricted Access to SaaSet.
  • The SaaSet user guide.
  • SaaSet Tutorial Videos that walk you through how this easy to master system works.
  • Access to Seven Premium Bonus Videos that take you behind the scenes of live products built with SaaSet
  • Full Customer Support.  You get the SAME high level of support as a trial user as we give our full users.
  • The SaaSet WordPress Plugin to make embedding your new projects on your WordPress sites super easy.
  • The ability to create SaaS products that people want to buy with ZERO Coding!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.  But on top of that you can test-drive SaaSet FREE for 14 days!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I see what others have made?

What if I get Stuck or Have Questions?

Can a non-techie REALLY do this?

What are "Advanced Functions".

P.S.  The people who made the most money with my previous software builders are generally those who got started first.  Don't put this off and miss the real SaaS gold rush that is happening right now.  

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